ALKAKAPS - New range of soft gelatin capsules
ALKAKAPS - New range of soft gelatin capsules

the power of garlic concentrated in ALKAKAPS Garlic

ALKAKAPS Galic provides effective natural protection of the heart and blood vessels, it is indispensable for lowering the increased levels of lipids in blood as well as elevated blood pressure, has potent antibacterial effect and boosts the immune system.

ALKAKAPS Garlic does not cause unpleasant garlic breath or heartburn.

In the struggle against the increasingly present cardiovascular diseases (arteriosclerosis, elevated blood pressure), it is the garlic that plays the lead role in the natural protection of these organs.

Above all, it is indispensable in reducing the increased level of lipids in blood (total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides), it is used for combatting arteriosclerosis (prevents the thickening of blood vessels’ walls and inhibits thrombocyte aggregation) and it reduces mild hypertension.

Also known as an antibiotic, garlic is very effective in fighting off various infective agents, due to its high concentrations of sulphur components. It has been proved that crushed garlic fresh juice, diluted even to 1: 25 000, can stop the growth of Staphylococcus, Echerichia coli, Proteus and Pseudomonas bacteria.

Beside its antiseptic property, garlic is proven efficient in boosting immunity.

Garlic can be consumed fresh or in the form of soft gelatin capsules.

The advantage of consuming garlic in the form of soft gelatin capsules is the fact that they disolve in the intestines and for this reason they do not cause unpleasant breath or heartburn.

One ALKAKAPS Garlic soft gelatin capsule contains 270 mg oily garlic extract. The recommended daily intake, depending on the target, is 1 capsule 3 times daily, to 2 capsules 3 times daily, before a meal.

It is a dietary supplement, an OTC product sold without a prescription. The package contains 30 soft gelatin capsules.

● Composition

Soft gelatin capsules, a dietary supplement.

One capsule contains 270 mg oily garlic extract

(alii sativi bulbus maceratio oleosa).

● Recommended for

tick Areterial oclusive disease, for inhibition of trombocyte      aggregation;

tick Hyperlipidemia –for reducing LDL, cholesterol and      triglyceride values;

tick Mild to moderate hypertension – for lowering systolic blood      pressure;

tick Conditions of low immunity, infections.

● Method of administration

3-10 capsules daily, divided into doses, taken before a meal.

Swallow the whole capsule with a litlle liquid.