ALKAKAPS - New range of soft gelatin capsules
ALKAKAPS - New range of soft gelatin capsules
Shark Oil
Shark Oil

miraculous immunostimulator from the sea depths

The research carried out over the past 80 years has shown that alkylglycerols are proven immunomodulators in cases of decreased immunity and susceptibility to infections, act as excellent prevention against malignity, effective complementary anti-cancer therapy, as well as potent purifiers of heavy metals.

The immune system is composed of a myriad of cells, each one with a specific function in the body. Functioning as a whole, they act as highly trained soldiers to protect their territory from any hostile agent (viruses, bacteria, even their own cells which have undergone mutation or genetic alteration, growing into a base for occurrence of malignity – tumors).

The best way to boost the immune system in a natural and effective way is the use of the so-called alkylglycerols, which were first derived from the shark liver oil.

ALKAKAPS Shark oil soft gelatin capsules contain the alkylglycerols, which boost the immune response. These miraculous highly active natural substances are actually present in the human body, i.e. in the bone marrow and the breast milk. For ages they have been used in the form of shark liver oil by the Scandinavian fishermen as wound healers and cold or flu remedy.

Their chemical structure, which is very similar to the one of the cellular membranes, makes the alkylglycerols able to build themselves into the very membranes, thus protecting the cells against the harmful effect of radiation.

Alkylglycerols enhance the blood composition, that is, they stimulate the production of white and red blood cells by affecting the bone marrow directly.

One ALKAKAPS Shark oil soft gelatin capsule contains 500 mg shark liver oil, with a minimum of 20% alkylglycerols.

The recommended daily intake, depending of the condition, is 1-2 capsules, three times daily.

It is a dietary supplement, an OTC product, sold without a subscription.

The package contains 60 soft gelatin capsules.

● Composition

Soft gelatin capsules, dietary supplement.

One capsule contains 500 mg shark liver oil (min. 20% alkylglycerols).

Recommended daily intake – 1-6 capsules. i.e. 500-3,000 mg shark liver oil.

● Recommended for

tick Decreased immunity conditions, susceptibility to infections;

tick Malignity conditions (as an inhibitor to growth of tumor tissue      and as adjuvant to radiation treatment);

tick Impaired blood composition with decreased amount of      erythrocytes and leucocytes.

● Method of administration

Decreased immunity conditions: 1 capsule 3 times daily, half an hour before a meal, for a period of 4 months;

Malignity conditions: 2 capsules 3 times daily half an hour before a meal during the first month, followed by 1 capsule 3 times daily for an additional period of minimum 4 months;

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.